Aromatherapy for labour

Aromatherapy for labour:
To bring labour on try Clary Sage or Rose. Can be used from weeks 39/40, diluted in the bath or as a blend, see below for quantities.

MASSAGE – add one drop of oil per 1 tsp of carrier oil e.g. jojoba, sweet almond, apricot etc…

VAPOURISE 4-5 drops on a tissue or cotton ball or Absolute Aromas Aroma-Mouse with Adapter is a portable Electric Diffuser battery (useful for in hospital) or mains operated – for £21.50

Aromatherapy in Labour:
In early labour a back massage can be very welcome! During contractions, gentle strokes can be calming and help ease muscle spasms especially around the lower back and sacrum.

Oils for the delivery room:
Rose – uterine relaxant (e.g. strengthens and deepen contractions), natural antiseptic, slight analgesic effect.

Neroli – “the rescue remedy of essential oils!”, facilitates easy breathing, calming, antiseptic.

Lavender – circulatory stimulant, analgesic, calming, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, promotes wound healing, relieves headaches.

Clary sage – uterine tonic, analgesic and antispasmodic, euphoric.

Jasmine – euphoric, antidepressant, uterine tonic.

Post Natal Aromatherapy
Aromatherapy massage helps the body heal more quickly by encouraging lymphatic drainage and tones stretched tissues and skin. Geranium oil (add one drop of oil per 1 tsp of carrier oil) balances hormones, calms the mind and moisturises the skin.

Breasts may be sore and nipples can crack. Avoid essential oils on the nipples, use a calendula infused sweet almond oil instead.

Episiotomy/tearing. Healing Lavender (3 drops) and Cypress (2 drops) essential oils in a tbsp of full fat milk in a sitz (hip) bath.

Aromatherapy for Post Natal Depression
Vaporise uplifting and calming Bergamot, anti-depressant Rose, anxiolytic Frankincense – essential oils can help on all levels.