Deep massage releases tension and pain

Deep Tissue Massage is designed to penetrate through the superficial layers of tissue and fascia in order to treat overworked and tired core muscles. Remedial Massage helps heal injuries such as rotator cuff injuries, frozen shoulder and pulled hamstrings.

Massage releases chronic patterns of tension in the body and re-establishes independent muscle function, restoring elasticity to muscle tissues. It helps release toxins from muscles, reduces inflammation and gets blood and oxygen circulating properly. These massage techniques are characterised by firm, constant compressions and strokes. Jenny also uses trigger point therapy to treat stubborn areas.


Deep tissue massage encourages blood flow to the muscles and prevents the build up of lactic acid and adhesions helping aches and pains and even improving sporting performance! The muscles are loosened and sprains, strains and inflammations can be prevented or eased. Jenny is trained in neuromuscular techniques which are ideal to treat sports injuries.