Relieves tension and restores suppleness

Holistic massage is a gentle, yet powerful, hands-on method of balancing the mind and body. This healing massage aims to deeply relax by relieving tension and restoring suppleness to muscles and connective tissues.

The term ‘holistic’ comes from the Greek word ‘holos’ meaning ‘whole’. By definition it treats the whole of the body as a single unity, using touch to read the body’s signals. In addition Swedish massage techniques are used to treat muscular aches and pains.

As touch is one of the most crucial, and yet often neglected, senses, the need for human touch remains constant throughout life for happiness and well-being. In fact, caring touch through massage has been shown to encourage the release of endorphins. These are chemicals that affect development in children, as well as emotional and physical well-being in adults. It can also be an effective treatment for a range of physical problems and is a wonderfully relaxing experience.


Benefits of Holistic Massage

Regular treatments can result in an increase in energy, mental clarity and heightened concentration. It can also result in pain reduction as the increased blood flow / circulation helps remove inflammatory agents e.g. a build up of lactic acid. As a result muscles release tension and connective tissues and joints become more supple. Over time muscles become more toned, skin elasticity increases and metabolism improves. This list of advantages, which could be endless, also includes a strengthening of the immune system, an improvement in self-esteem and a higher quality of sleep.

What to expect?

A consultation that covers your medical history and also considers other factors such as psychology, nutrition and the environment you live in.

Holistic massage predominantly uses four different techniques. Firstly, soothing effleurage which involves flowing stroking movements. Secondly, petrissage a technique that resembles kneading to release the superficial layers of muscles. Thirdly, an invigorating technique called tapotement which includes tapping with fingers, cupping movements and hacking. These vibrations penetrate deep into the body releasing physical tension and unblocking the respiratory and circulatory pathways. Fourthly “cued” breathing techniques are also used to aid relaxation. These help to de-clutter your mind whilst encouraging oxygenation of blood and muscles during your treatment.


In this treatment we only use organic and natural oils that are sustainably sourced from reputable suppliers. Furthermore, we do not use essential oils in this treatment unless requested or discussed before hand. We choose from a wide range of carrier oils and blend them according to your physical needs and skin type. For instance, whether it is oily, dry or sensitive. Please do not hesitate to ask us any questions prior to or during your treatment. Although the main aim is for you to relax and enjoy this healing treatment.