Let it go!

I was just reading and article on “Reclaiming a day of Rest” on www.motherearthliving.com which reminds us to give ourselves permission to take time out from our hectic lives for rest. Why do we feel guilty about taking time to relax? Have we forgotten how?

Suffering from regular headaches, digestive problems, stressed out skin and lack of energy? I often see clients who book treatments because they are so stressed out that they are at the end of their tether. Taking work home (because everyone in the office is expected to) and finding that their back, neck and shoulders are aching from too long at their desks / due to work travel and worse, the daily commute is stressful in itself! The “flight or flight” human response to danger is permanently switched on and adrenaline is always pumping.

If you are in this situation there’s even more reason to plan rest into your day or to book yourself a massage. You deserve it!

How can massage help? Through relaxation and by restoring emotional, physical and mental balance.

The practise of massage dates back to prehistoric times and to many different cultures. Did they know something that we have forgotten? The restorative benefits of massage have been known for centuries, Hippocrates (the father of modern medicine) purported improved joint function and increased muscle tone with the use of massage; even the centurions in the Roman army had regular massage and baths to ease their muscles and to improve their performance. Over the centuries the therapeutic benefits of a relaxing massage have been documented by healers and doctors alike. In the 19th century Dr Mathias Roth wrote the first book in English about “Swedish” massage and its’ positive effects on general health and in the treatment of disease.

What does massage do?
Heals through touch.
Calms the central nervous system; relaxes and restores.
Increases blood circulation nourishing and detoxifying the body.
Improves respiration, decreasing fatigue with more oxygen in the blood.
Eases muscular aches and pains.