Starflower oil

Starflower Oil Supplement

It’s for your skin. Helps balance hormones and keep skin cells plump.

Now the facts!!! Unless you have enough essential fatty acids/EFAs in your body (which you can only get through your diet, by eating the correct amount of oily fish, green veggies and having the best diet in the world) your cells cannot function properly.

Skin is the largest organ of the body with trillions of cells which is why an imbalance in the body often shows there first.

Starflower oil, aka Borage oil is high in EFAs: especially omega 6 and more so Gamma Linolenic Acid which has amazing anti-inflammatory properties and contains the enzyme ‘lycopase’ which metabolises GLA, which becomes less active as we age, one of the causes of ageing. GLA is vital in to the production of prostaglandins, (active lipid compounds with hormone-like effects which regulate inflammation – swelling, stiffness and pain). We also need it for our cell walls to stay healthy, take in nutrients from our blood and pass out toxins to be disposed of by the lymph and excretory organs.

If I don’t take it, my periods are more painful and I get more hormonal break outs around my chin at that time. TCM – Traditional Chinese Medicine – tells us that this is where hormonal imbalances show in our faces. I’ll take a pic of my TCM face map for you, v interesting! It’s anti-inflammatory properties reduce can help acne, especially hormonal breakouts and it can also help stimulate skin growth by feeding the skin from within.

So Starflower is a brilliant and essential supplement in my opinion. If you haven’t noticed a difference after 4 weeks use (your skin renews itself on average, every 28 days) you are probably not taking enough, your body could be depleted of EFAs and you could take 2 per day for 1-3 mths until you notice a change, then back to 1 per day.

For more information on the benefits of Starflower Oil for our bodies, see this link:

Starflower Oil Aromatherapy Usage

Borago Officinalis L, family Boraginaceae

Borage oil is quite a viscous (thick and sticky oil) and is best used in dilution for this reason. I add it to facial serums , just a few drops, for it’s anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing properties. It’s also brilliant emollient and can be used on the skin in cases of eczema and psoriasis. It’s the only oil I recommend for cradle cap in babies and in my experience a drop or two applied over 3-7 days will get rid of cradle cap completely.