Ard Aalin Wellness Centre is set in tranquil countryside in Grenaby in the south of the island.

Why Ard Aalin? In Manx Gaelic Ard Aalin means beautiful heights. I believe that this name encompasses the inner harmony that can be found in a peaceful setting, away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Ard Aalin Wellness Centre is a new concept incorporating my current aromatherapy & remedial treatments, yoga classes and retreats; alongside nutrition, naturopathy, acupuncture and health coaching - for individuals and small private / corporate groups.

Here we strive to help our visitors to achieve beautiful heights – mind, body and soul in balance.



is the use of aromatic medicinal plants for health and healing.  The essence or oil is highly concentrated and is frequently diluted in a carrier oil for skin application in massage and facials to aid relaxation, release tension, detoxify and bring renewed energy. Essential oils can also be...



I mostly teach 1-1 from my studio and offer a variety of group classes – Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Pregnancy and Women’s Health. Please contact me via email or WhatsApp to sign up. I also run yoga retreats with visiting teachers.



Retreats at Ard Aalin are about reconnecting with oneself and with nature. Nestled in the countryside Ard Aalin Wellbeing Clinic & Studio invites you to disconnect from the outside and reconnect with yourself.

You will stay in 5* accommodation at Grenaby Estate Cottages, practise yoga and meditation and receive personalised healing treatments. Outdoor activities from nature walks to forest bathing, sea swimming and sunset gazing can be included to enhance your experience.




Dedicated to new generation wellbeing, Ard Aalin means beautiful heights, elevating one's aspirations, moving beyond the mundane, having awareness of all things, a spiritual journey.

At Ard Aalin Jenny offers a holistic and unique approach to wellbeing by combining the traditions and innovations in aromatherapy (insert link to aromatherapy page) and yoga. Starting with the physical, learn to feel whole again by reconnecting with your body from top to toe. Meditation and mindfulness techniques can then reconcile mind and body. You will find your spiritual path deep within.